Dream Big Sports Academy is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of youth through sports, with an emphasis on the economically disadvantaged. Currently, there are not many youth sports programs in the country that offer after school programs and special camps for kids. This late start for children, especially urban girls, in organized sports robs them of the opportunity for physical activity, coaching, being part of a team, learning skills, and substantial time away from "negative recreation" (such as drugs, violence or sexual activities).

Dream Big will create a youth sports program to increase both sport participation rates and healthy development of the countrys youth. The children in the city's core will be provided with an equal opportunity for a successful start in organized sports regardless of age, gender, family composition, income or community.

For our youth, acquiring sports skills, understanding the benefits of being fit, healthy and understanding the value of team work will be a life lasting experience and of great benefit for their future. Young people are able to develop skills needed to socialize with their peers as well as adults, develop independence and confidence and have a sense of achievement which creates positive self-image. They also learn to understand and express emotions, imagination, and appreciation for what the body can do as they continue to grow with sports.

Other key benefits of sports for youth include developing the ability to make decisions and accept responsibilities, acquiring leadership skills and learning how to cooperate and work in a team environment.

Personal gains, such as improved self-esteem and self-motivation, combined with measurable health benefits will create tremendous advantages for the athlete, the individual and society as a whole. It is a great investment in our societys future and our country will benefit from a healthy, active and productive generation.

With the power of our new brand, we will continue to grow our family, using technology and sport to unite communities and build real human connection.

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