2009 -The humble beginning with the passion and dream that would allow  

                  athletes to train hard and reach their potential on and off the court, Dream  

                  Big Tennis Academy launched High Performance Tennis Program at The Country

                  Club Of The South.


       2010 - The academy relocated its base to Ethiopia in search of new talent and assist in

                  laying infrastructure for grass roots sports. In partnership with Laphto Mall and   

                  School of Nations, Dream Big Sports launched the first all around sports and

                  hobby camp.


       2011 - Dream Big academy recognised quickly that there was a place for an after school

                  sport program in the city, so Dream Big leased court time to launch the first after

                  school tennis pilot program.


       2012 - 2013 Dream Big found a formula to stay sustainable by offering program for

                 under privileged kids. We leased the club for 5 years and started the journey.


       2013 - Dream Big athletes begun competing in international tennis tournament.


       2014 - The academy hosted the first international adult tennis tournament, IKOYEE

                  club from Nigeria.


       2014 - The birth of DSGE 5-A-Side football tournament was accomplished.The 32 teams

                  event that was comprised from local embassy, international NGO and diplomats

                  community participated to raise money for local charities. Team Japan raise the



       2016 - Dream Big Sports Academy signed a new contract with Greek Club, to manage 

                  the sports facility. The academy launched an after school program for tennis,

                  basketball, football and fitness. 


       2018 - The academy closed its doors, due to government policy.


       2019 - There is no magic formula for a sports development program and it is our

                  mission to reposition our Sports Development initiatives with an emphasis on

                  grassroots outreach, so were launching Corporate Social Team Sport as a

                  platform to reach under served communities.



VISION :   To provide the best Social Sport Experience for Corporate employees, the international community and others interested in the supportive nature of the mission.


MISSION : To create social sport league that will empower communities and provide

                 sustainable youth sports program.


Company core values: Building Unity and friendship, developing team players, promoting peace and the spirit of camaraderie through participation in sporting activities.

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